CNC steel bending machine Product Features: 1, combined with imported PLC touch screen control interface and convenient operation 2, the center of flexible bending machine cheap price gw40a steel locking mechanism designed to ensure bending accuracy 3, curved panel with heat, wear and prolong life 4, curved spindle servo control, high precision bending 5, the mobile bending host, bending length free length 6, integrated design, high-strength mobile track design, durable 7, bending host locating and clamping mechanism designed to improve the bending accuracy 8, retractable curved shaft to achieve a two-way curved steel 9, high strength automatic feeding rack, the largest real bearing raw materials 10, a plurality of disposable bendable steel, high efficiency 11, a simple operation, a plurality of loop bendable angles 12, due to the advanced design concepts, half hydraulic angle bending machine process diameter steel molding 10-32, the small investment in equipment, processing error is very low, significant savings in the cost of workers. Building plate compactor into internal combustion and electric vibrating plate compactor, plate compactor models by the class, the group, composed of type, characteristic code and the main parameters of the code in two parts. Vibrating plate compactor is mainly applied to reinforce the cohesion and the friction between the small material particles, such as river sand, gravel and asphalt. Rammer flat performance mainly affected the whole quality, exciting force and the excitation frequency. Exciting force is mainly used to maintain the material being compacted forced vibration; and excitation frequency efficiency and reinforce the impact of consolidating the extent that at the same excitation force, the higher the excitation frequency, reinforce the efficiency and compactness high. Steel straightening machine, flat-roll bar straightening machine adjustable straight circular section bars. Move the roller set, fixed traction rollers group, flat eccentric mechanism are arranged on the rack. Moving the scroll wheel group, each group of two traction rollers fixed clamping rollers. Each group has moving wheels, fixed wheels each one. Eccentric translational cnc channel letter bending machine mechanism by the body, eccentric drive mechanism, the gripping wheel body composition, body gripping wheels with 2mm radius for rotation translation. This machine is novel and unique design, compact structure, small size, light weight, mobile and flexible, low energy consumption, low noise, and can be widely used in the precast factory and construction sites. Flat-roll bar straightening machine, the eccentric translational mechanism, moving the wheel group, fixed traction roller group, frame and motor. Its features are: moving the wheel group, eccentric translational mechanism, fixed traction roller group in turn mounted on the frame, eccentric translational mechanism, fixed group of traction rollers are driven by a motor.